Decks - Wooden & Composite

New Installations

We install new decks with an option of wooden decks or composite decks.

Hardwood decks – Our options of several wood types including teak, Massaranduba, balau, Saligna and pine. Prices differ depending on the density of the wood type. The more common type in most households is Saligna.

Composite Decks – Two options are available which are eve-tech or infinity decks. Eve-tech comes with a 10 year guarantee and the later – infinity comes with a 25 year guarantee from the supplier. Cost of the decking sheets is determined by their durability hence the different year guarantees.

Both options require no maintenance costs as no periodic sanding and sealing is required.

Decking Structure – We make our structures using CCA treated pine wood and gum poles sunk in concrete to keep the structures sturdy. Deck structures can also be made out of steel.


Damaged decks sheets will be replaced in the process with matching sheets to keep the deck looking good.

We repair deck structures using recommended CCA treated pine wood and where necessary additional gum poles and cement will be used to keep the structures sturdy to carry the deck and traffic.


We restore decks through sanding and sealing to reveal the wood underneath and subsequent sealing with applicable sealers to keep the wood protected from weather and nourished.

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